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How We Work

Understand Your Business

Success starts with understanding your business. We’ll identify your unique selling points, your target market and why customers buy from you.

Fix Your Site (If Necessary)

Since our sole purpose is to help offline brands grow their online presence, we typically have to redesign or create a website in order to maximize our results.

Find Your Target Audience

Using Facebook Ads, we’re quickly about to find your target audience online.

Build & Launch Your Marketing Strategy

We create a custom marketing strategy to achieve three things: make your target audience aware of your business, convey your message to your audience and boost your online sales.

Grow Your Profits

The end result of of our marketing strategy is to have people coming to your business to spend money and boost your ROI.

Rinse & Repeat

Marketing isn’t a one and done task - it’s ongoing. Every month, we go through steps 4-6 to keep the customers coming and to drive in more profits.

Who We Work With

The Business Must Be in Good Health

Unfortunately, we’re unable to work with businesses that are unable to afford to market themselves. Businesses that work with us have a minimum marketing budget of at least $2,200 to cover two months of marketing.

We Have to Love the Business (And it’s Owners)

We’re here to help good people grow good businesses. In order to do that, there needs to be a demand for your service within your local community and the owner of the business must have a good reputation within the community.

Customers Must Love Your Business

Before we begin, we always look at the reviews customers have left relating to your business. Bad reviews are bad for business. We are unable to work with businesses that are overwhelmed by bad reviews.

Our Risk Free Guarantee

PerfectlySocial is the only marketing agency that backs our work with a 100% guarantee. Here’s how it works: If for any reason we fail to produce a profit in any given month that we actively market your company, we pay you the difference.

Here’s why we can offer this zero-risk guarantee: We don’t work with everyone. Although we receive hundreds of requests each month, we typically only work on an invite basis. We are actively seeking businesses that we know can be successful.

Ad Spend

We don’t believe in just throwing money at it and seeing what happens. Buying ads online is a strategic task that must constantly be tweaked to achieve the best possible results.

Our strategy is to start small and scale successful marketing campaigns so that we achieve the best results without wasting money.

With that said, we request that you be willing to spend an average of at least $20.00 per day ($600.00 per month) to grow your business.


We’re small business owners. We use the same strategies to build your business that we use to build our own. We know that our strategies work.

We also know what it’s like to start and grow a small business. And that’s why we want to help you succeed online.

Our pricing structure is simple: we charge a monthly fee of $497.00 in addition to your ad spend. If your business permits, we’ll launch your first marketing campaign in first month of working together.

Since we offer a zero-risk money back guarantee, we have to be very selective of the businesses that we work with to ensure that we make them profitable. Due to this, we choose not to work with more than eight business at once. Message us below for a free consultation and review of your business.

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